About Us

I am born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago.  I am familiar with the differences we don’t openly talk about. I know that the opportunities we have access to differs across our little island.

mybamboohealth is not about creating a space for any one group, or type of people.  It is about my personal revelation through my own journey to healing.   I thought I would introduce myself by name, but let me first introduce myself by those elements I have healed from.

I did the “I don’t want to see the world” bit. I did the “I am going to die, what’s the point” bit and I stayed away from people, from life, from living. 

At each point I eventually did therapy (for my mind and my body).  I grew closer to God, the only one who could reach me in my darkest places and I learned that it was ok to leave the house. 

It is ok to live in spite of my pains, my injuries, in spite of the things I think should never have happened to me.   I particularly remember returning to my love of hiking and making the trip to the Bamboo Cathedral. 

I wore my knee brace. I wore my fanny pack. I walked with my painkillers and a bottle of water.  At first I thought “this is too easy”.  Before long, I started walking uphill with my back facing the destination! 

It burned. It burned so beautifully, and I smiled.  I thought I would never be able to drive again. I thought I would never be able to walk again! And today… I made it to the top of the Bamboo Cathedral and I felt exhilarated with the permission God had given me. 

I stood there and I cried where no one could see me… hiding it with the water I threw on my face, and I thanked God. I thanked him for my ‘bamboo health victory’.

We can heal if we want to; we need to understand that healing looks like managing the pain too.

This business is built for my family who stood by me when I could not stand on my own… for families who need someone to stand with them too.