POLL: Request a Product

The rules are simple!  I know right, “who asked for rules”?  lol.  Bear with me… or with us… whomever you favor more.  This poll allows us to provide the tools / items you want or need the most.

Until now, all items we have sourced and added to store are requests from family and friends, conversations in passing, and a list of tools we have used personally.

The idea of this blog is to help you. If an item makes it to our store, our newsletter will let you know. Sign up for our newsletter, if you haven’t already.

So here are the rules!:

  • For any item you’d like, drop a comment below. It’s that easy!
    • Provide the name of the item
    • Share the link if you have one
    • Is there a size requirement? Share your preferred size!
    • Is there a color preference? Share you preferred color!

Trickier rules…

  • One comment per product or item request
  • You can add as many comments / requests as you like
  • Edit your comment if you have left something out, rather than adding another comment for that item.

If someone has requested something you’d like, you can still leave a comment asking for that product with your size, and color preference.

Item Requested Table 

  • <no entries yet>

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